Student Tool – Mint

For a student tool i choose Mint(, a financial website that helps manage students finances. Ive personally dabbled with it over the last week or so to really get a good understanding of it and so far i’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. I can definitely see myself using this for a very long time and have already downloaded the mint app onto my iphone. I selected the tool to better get a grip of how i spend my money and where it really all goes in the end. The tool is super easy to use, first step is linking all of your bank accounts into the website and from there it splits how you spend your money, in cool little graphs and spreadsheets. People to business have used it. It’s sort of like your own little accountant and can really make your finances a bit of a clearer picture. I will be using this for a very long time and have already shared it to my friends and family. The easiness of being able to link all your card numbers and everything being categorized into sections you’ve spent money on, for example – entertainment, gas, withdrawals, food, is really neat. The big issue is privacy so make sure you are careful on it and if any finances seem out of whack contact your bank to see what went wrong.


Choice Tool

The choice tool I selected was another google tool called Google+ ( What google plus does is it publicizes itself as a social test that keeps you associated with all your other google friends even if your not on a particular Google+ site. Since a lot of people are already logged into their gmail when their on the computer, google made the logical leap in making all connections with friends and family into one hub. Google+ underscores effortlessness with its interface. It is a simple site to explore and oversee, and its often giving you other groups to join on plus so your circle connection can grow. Google+ can be used for many different sort of things. They break into four circles mainly, for example – family, acquaintances, friends, but they also offer ultimate customization so you can create even more groups then just the defaulted options they provide. I want my google+ to say that im tech savy and I want it to show all my social connections online with so many different people. I want it to also show my many varied tastes and different things I like, and to create meaningful friendships. As any social networking tool, you have to be careful in what you post and what your say. You should never share any personal information because it could be used against you by bad people. Go sign up for Google+!

Google Tool

The google tool I selected was the Google Docs ( What this tool does is that its lets you create word documents online. Google Docs brings documents to life with nifty editing and designing tools to aid easily setting up text and sections. You can select from a wide variety of different templates, weather your doing a simple report for work, or a resume, or fliers and documents for whatever reason. The cool thing about google docs that I didn’t know before, was that you could access your documents or reports or any other template from wherever. As long as you have a basic internet connection you can access your file instead of saving it in just one specific way. That’s really a powerful assets that comes along with google docs. Another really cool facet about google docs is that you can share it with anybody and they can make recommendations about how you could potentially change it or alter it for the better. One thing about being able to sharing your documents with coworkers or whomever is that you can either accept their edits or outright refuse it. The capability of just being able to share it with control of edits is another cool facet that google docs really brings. Your documents on google docs is also automically saved, so if any emergency or slip up happens, you can always count on your docs to be there in full. I really learned a lot about google docs and will be using this both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. It’s a wonderful tool. You can protect your privacy by making sure you don’t ever put any personal information on it. You have to stay vigilant. I want my google tool to say what im really about in the end. That im tech savy and that I will continue staying in the front with technology.

Facebook. Social Networking Tool.

I’ve always loved being able to socially network with many of my friends, and im really glad tech is at where its at. For my favorite tool to use networking with friends and family is- Facebook is full of so many great things. Im sure everybody you know has at one point or another used facebook. I remember switching from myspace to facebook years ago, and ive stuck with it. It’s a such a great tool. Facebook is super easy to use. Its incredibly user friendly. After signing up and conforming your email, you simply can choose to upload a picture of yourself, and after you set a high school you went too in your settings, you are immediately linked with other potential Facebook members in your area. Ive kept in contact with friends I long ago saw and facebook made it easy as heck to maneuver. I have been using it not only to keep in contact and in touch with family members, I also use Facebook as a hub for news sources I respect and follow. For example, instead of going to new York times webpage, if I’m logged in and following their page on fb, I can see news stories that would generally be up on their website, shared on their facebook page. Its really saves having to go trough so many different things and just acts as a one all for all the things I like. I will continue using this for a long time, even my old grandmother is on it, so im staying put.

Reddit. Social Bookmarking Tool.

So I choose one that ive heard so many great things about but never explored. I choose So reddit is built upon many user sharing links from many different websites. And once a member of reddit submits a link, the community either upvote or downvote the content and can comment about it in the discussion board. Ive look around some of the content provided and they have a wide eclectic topic choice. I choose reddit because ive heard so many people I know talk so highly of it. It brings in so many different folks from all walks of life sharing and educating one another about their interests. That was the most important thing I really took from it. Its super easy to use. Besides being a hub for so many people, it’s also completely anonymous. All you have to do is sign up, go through the process, and then you can start sharing whatever you want. Reddit breaks into many little subreddits where a specific interest is the main point, and members are continuously going back and forth about their shared interest. Like I’ve used the NFL subreddit (, to share and learn things about professional football. I can definitely see myself using this on a personal level and professional level. Anything you can literally think of, and I can bet there is a community on reddit that have that same intense appreciation for it. Im definitely already hooked on it and I will be for the foreseeable future.

E-Folio – CarbonMade

I used a pretty standard and basic e-folio. I used It’s a pretty sleek and user-friendly spot that you can update and keep all of your future projects there to show to your friends or whatnot. Its super easy to use. You just title what you want it called and the then just pick the template and then carbonmade provides the rest of the information. If anybody asked about what a portfolio could be used for id say many reasons. It can be used as a place to keep all your files at to show to whomever is interested. I will be using carbon made for both professionally use and personal use. I create a lot of things, and love sharing my work. For example I take photos on the a camera with really cool edits and for many people who doesn’t have an Instagram or mobile phone can come to and see that im working with. I want my e-folio to say and really get the message of who I am. I want it to be user friendly and easy to navigate and have sort of real ‘open’ vibes to it and people can sense that im easy and fun to talk to.

Web Tool #2 –

I picked a great web tool in the documentation category. I picked a website where any user or person clicking the link can see any article created on its website. It’s build around the idea that you can share any sort of content, for example many of its users use it to post short stories. allows its users to paste text and then can send it to anybody they want. It recently caught a lot of flak though because many supports or sympathizers to the extreme terrorist group isis, have been using it and sharing it. Many of ISIS supports supposedly loved the easy design of it and its variability. But back to why I choose it. The number one reason I choose it was because its so simple. For example I can simply just paste things on it and receive a link that I can send out to anybody I want to see. For example the creator of the website was famously quoted into saying its “you are able to do with it what you want with almost two click1”. That sort of easiness and user-friendly is really unheard of. The site also supports picture and film content. I really like that’s its an anonymous toll that can’t be tracked back to you no matter what. Its really made a name for itself as a great tool that’s available on the web. I don’t think I can use this professionally per se, but I will be using this personally to share any documents or quick little bits I can share with my friends.