Facebook. Social Networking Tool.

I’ve always loved being able to socially network with many of my friends, and im really glad tech is at where its at. For my favorite tool to use networking with friends and family is- http://www.facebook.com. Facebook is full of so many great things. Im sure everybody you know has at one point or another used facebook. I remember switching from myspace to facebook years ago, and ive stuck with it. It’s a such a great tool. Facebook is super easy to use. Its incredibly user friendly. After signing up and conforming your email, you simply can choose to upload a picture of yourself, and after you set a high school you went too in your settings, you are immediately linked with other potential Facebook members in your area. Ive kept in contact with friends I long ago saw and facebook made it easy as heck to maneuver. I have been using it not only to keep in contact and in touch with family members, I also use Facebook as a hub for news sources I respect and follow. For example, instead of going to new York times webpage, if I’m logged in and following their page on fb, I can see news stories that would generally be up on their website, shared on their facebook page. Its really saves having to go trough so many different things and just acts as a one all for all the things I like. I will continue using this for a long time, even my old grandmother is on it, so im staying put.


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