Web Tool #2 – JustPaste.it

I picked a great web tool in the documentation category. I picked JustPaste.it a website where any user or person clicking the link can see any article created on its website. It’s build around the idea that you can share any sort of content, for example many of its users use it to post short stories. JustPaste.it allows its users to paste text and then can send it to anybody they want. It recently caught a lot of flak though because many supports or sympathizers to the extreme terrorist group isis, have been using it and sharing it. Many of ISIS supports supposedly loved the easy design of it and its variability. But back to why I choose it. The number one reason I choose it was because its so simple. For example I can simply just paste things on it and receive a link that I can send out to anybody I want to see. For example the creator of the website was famously quoted into saying its “you are able to do with it what you want with almost two click1”. That sort of easiness and user-friendly is really unheard of. The site justpaste.it also supports picture and film content. I really like that’s its an anonymous toll that can’t be tracked back to you no matter what. Its really made a name for itself as a great tool that’s available on the web. I don’t think I can use this professionally per se, but I will be using this personally to share any documents or quick little bits I can share with my friends.

1- https://hostadvice.com/blog/justpaste-it-is-the-quickest-way-to-share-content-online/


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