Google Tool

The google tool I selected was the Google Docs ( What this tool does is that its lets you create word documents online. Google Docs brings documents to life with nifty editing and designing tools to aid easily setting up text and sections. You can select from a wide variety of different templates, weather your doing a simple report for work, or a resume, or fliers and documents for whatever reason. The cool thing about google docs that I didn’t know before, was that you could access your documents or reports or any other template from wherever. As long as you have a basic internet connection you can access your file instead of saving it in just one specific way. That’s really a powerful assets that comes along with google docs. Another really cool facet about google docs is that you can share it with anybody and they can make recommendations about how you could potentially change it or alter it for the better. One thing about being able to sharing your documents with coworkers or whomever is that you can either accept their edits or outright refuse it. The capability of just being able to share it with control of edits is another cool facet that google docs really brings. Your documents on google docs is also automically saved, so if any emergency or slip up happens, you can always count on your docs to be there in full. I really learned a lot about google docs and will be using this both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. It’s a wonderful tool. You can protect your privacy by making sure you don’t ever put any personal information on it. You have to stay vigilant. I want my google tool to say what im really about in the end. That im tech savy and that I will continue staying in the front with technology.


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