Student Tool – Mint

For a student tool i choose Mint(, a financial website that helps manage students finances. Ive personally dabbled with it over the last week or so to really get a good understanding of it and so far i’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. I can definitely see myself using this for a very long time and have already downloaded the mint app onto my iphone. I selected the tool to better get a grip of how i spend my money and where it really all goes in the end. The tool is super easy to use, first step is linking all of your bank accounts into the website and from there it splits how you spend your money, in cool little graphs and spreadsheets. People to business have used it. It’s sort of like your own little accountant and can really make your finances a bit of a clearer picture. I will be using this for a very long time and have already shared it to my friends and family. The easiness of being able to link all your card numbers and everything being categorized into sections you’ve spent money on, for example – entertainment, gas, withdrawals, food, is really neat. The big issue is privacy so make sure you are careful on it and if any finances seem out of whack contact your bank to see what went wrong.


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