Social Networking Bookmarking tools

i used the bookmarking tool The tool calls you on you on your computer to whatever time you set it too. its a great tool to use as an extra alarm if you ever miss the one you set up on your phone. It was quite easy it didn’t need much information and called me right when i had it set. I could use it both on a professional level and also a personal level. wakkerupper comes in handy at any level in your if I’m honest.

social networking tools

Ive never been a fan of After numerous deletions of it i finally returned to it. I think Facebook is a great and easy tool to get in contact with old school friends and family members that are to far away to keep in touch with. I choose Facebook for its popularity because its something a lot of people use, hell a lot of parents and grandparents use it these days. People use it to post updates about their lives, photos of events they attended. I personally wouldn’t use it for any professional reasons, simply just to keep in touch with family members. I want my social network to say everything i like and appreciate in the world, maybe find friends trough mutual things and grow my horizon a bit. Privacy you really can’t say much about, the only thing you can do is be careful about what you upload. I learned Facebook is a vast world that can be used to connect with the entire world and is a national treasure that came out the silicon valley.

first post

Online classes are a new whole field for me in the education process. It’s full of information and its all at the tip of your fingers. Sometimes i fear i might of missed a few things with the load of info that is available from online instructors, but nonetheless its a interesting journey. Surprisingly with this weeks assignment from ‘web tools’ we were suppose to create a blog and to my surprise i had created a WordPress years ago. Unfortunately i hadn’t written anything, because it would of been interesting to peer into my mind and see what i wrote or what i thought years ago. But with this little addition into the world wide web, ill always have something to outlive me and to time travel back too.