Reddit. Social Bookmarking Tool.

So I choose one that ive heard so many great things about but never explored. I choose So reddit is built upon many user sharing links from many different websites. And once a member of reddit submits a link, the community either upvote or downvote the content and can comment about it in the discussion board. Ive look around some of the content provided and they have a wide eclectic topic choice. I choose reddit because ive heard so many people I know talk so highly of it. It brings in so many different folks from all walks of life sharing and educating one another about their interests. That was the most important thing I really took from it. Its super easy to use. Besides being a hub for so many people, it’s also completely anonymous. All you have to do is sign up, go through the process, and then you can start sharing whatever you want. Reddit breaks into many little subreddits where a specific interest is the main point, and members are continuously going back and forth about their shared interest. Like I’ve used the NFL subreddit (, to share and learn things about professional football. I can definitely see myself using this on a personal level and professional level. Anything you can literally think of, and I can bet there is a community on reddit that have that same intense appreciation for it. Im definitely already hooked on it and I will be for the foreseeable future.


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