Choice Tool

The choice tool I selected was another google tool called Google+ ( What google plus does is it publicizes itself as a social test that keeps you associated with all your other google friends even if your not on a particular Google+ site. Since a lot of people are already logged into their gmail when their on the computer, google made the logical leap in making all connections with friends and family into one hub. Google+ underscores effortlessness with its interface. It is a simple site to explore and oversee, and its often giving you other groups to join on plus so your circle connection can grow. Google+ can be used for many different sort of things. They break into four circles mainly, for example – family, acquaintances, friends, but they also offer ultimate customization so you can create even more groups then just the defaulted options they provide. I want my google+ to say that im tech savy and I want it to show all my social connections online with so many different people. I want it to also show my many varied tastes and different things I like, and to create meaningful friendships. As any social networking tool, you have to be careful in what you post and what your say. You should never share any personal information because it could be used against you by bad people. Go sign up for Google+!


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