E-Folio – CarbonMade

I used a pretty standard and basic e-folio. I used CarbonMade.com. It’s a pretty sleek and user-friendly spot that you can update and keep all of your future projects there to show to your friends or whatnot. Its super easy to use. You just title what you want it called and the then just pick the template and then carbonmade provides the rest of the information. If anybody asked about what a portfolio could be used for id say many reasons. It can be used as a place to keep all your files at to show to whomever is interested. I will be using carbon made for both professionally use and personal use. I create a lot of things, and love sharing my work. For example I take photos on the a camera with really cool edits and for many people who doesn’t have an Instagram or mobile phone can come to carbonmade.com and see that im working with. I want my e-folio to say and really get the message of who I am. I want it to be user friendly and easy to navigate and have sort of real ‘open’ vibes to it and people can sense that im easy and fun to talk to.


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