Web Tool #1 – Babbel

I picked a great web tool in the education category. I picked babbel which is a learning language tool for anybody. It has a pretty standard approach on how to teach anybody that’s interested, by throwing a lot of new words and vocabulary in whatever language your choosing, and then going over them constantly. For the most part your just listening to the way each word is pronounced and follow along. I personally can see myself both using this professionally and in just my day to day life to learn the beauty of any language. The world is a continuously changing field and having or being proficient enough in them can open horizons and completely different intimate experiences. Its pretty easy to use, its super user friendly and isn’t a complete mind-wreck to a new user. It offers thirteen different languages that you can choose from which is a great starting point for anybody. There is a charge to using the program but that inly comes after a while. In the beginning for example you can get a taste of its offerings, but they make it more difficult and close up the information they provide if you aren’t paying for a membership. Which costs between $26 dollars over a three month span. Another way it teaches you to retain what you learned, is babble continuous to reinforce the things you learned, by having you repeat your passed material. It’s a great tool for anybody and should be shared with family and friends.


First Post

Online classes are a new whole field for me in the education process. It’s full of information and its all at the tip of your fingers. Sometimes i fear i might of missed a few things with the load of info that is available from online instructors, but nonetheless its a interesting journey. Surprisingly with this weeks assignment from ‘web tools’ we were suppose to create a blog and to my surprise i had created a WordPress years ago. Unfortunately i hadn’t written anything, because it would of been interesting to peer into my mind and see what i wrote or what i thought years ago. But with this little addition into the world wide web, ill always have something to outlive me and to time travel back too :).